Frequently Asked Questions

What is StudyMentors?

StudyMentors is a platform where prospective students can connect and communicate with current students or recent graduates from the universities and programmes they are interested in.

Who are the study mentors?

The study mentors are currently enrolled students or recent graduates with knowledge and experience in studying and living in a particular country and university. They are people who are ready to share their knowledge when asked.

Do I have to pay to use StudyMentors?

The StudyMentors platform is free for both prospective students and mentors.

How can I use the StudyMentors platform as a prospective student?

As a prospective student you can search for mentors from the study programmes and universities that you like. If you find such mentor you can send her/him a private message on the platform.

How can I use the StudyMentors platform as a mentor?

As a Mentor you can browse through our questions and give answers that will help the future students.
The idea is to help prospective students by sharing our knowledge and experiences with them. We already went through many issues and we managed to resolve them successfully. Why not share this experiece and help someone who faces similar problems?

What's in it for me as a mentor?

If you like helping people in general then you're at the right place! It's highly probable that the young people you'll help will come to study in your programme and university, so you'll get to meet them in person also.
We need to mention that we do not provide any tangible rewards for our study mentors, at least not for now...

Can I be registered as a both prospective student and mentor?

Absolutely. For example, if you have a Bachelor degree and you're looking for Master programmes you can use the platform as both.

How do I send a message to a mentor?

First, you need to find a mentor from the university that you are interested in. You can do so by using the search box on the homepage or the one in the top navigation.
When you open a university page, you can will see a list with mentors to which you can send a private message directly. Alternatively, you can filter the mentors by study program before you send a message to some of them.

I got admitted. How do I become a study mentor?

Congrats!!! We hope we helped you with getting admitted.
In order to become a mentor, just edit your profile by entering your education details.
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