Share your study abroad experience with future students.

Become a mentor to help young people who dream to study at your university.

What it means to be a mentor

Everyone who study or has graduated abroad can become a mentor. It's all about helping prospective students by answering their questions about applying, studying and living abroad. Everything happens online and it doesn't take much of your time. Here is how exactly it works.

1. Register as a mentor

First of all, you have to create a mentor profile. There you specify where and what you study abroad.

2. Get discovered

Once your profile is ready, prospective students will be able to find you based on your education and contact you.

3. Answer questions

We will notify you when there is a question for you so you can answer it when you have time.

Why becomming a mentor

Once you were also a prospective students and you probably know how valuable it is to have someone who can help you. Still, here are a few reasons to become a mentor.

You've walked this path

You've already faced the uncertainties and difficulties related to going to study abroad. Prospective students can learn a lot from your experience.

Be someone's hero

By sharing what you know you can save someone from many troubles and mistakes. You can be especially helpful to people from your home country.

Make friends

Most of the time you'll be contacted by people who dream to study at your university. If they get accepted, they will be really grateful for your help.

For prospective students

587 mentors from 248 European universities are already on the platform. They'll be happy to answer your questions about studying abroad. Go and contact them, it's for free!